Michinda secondary school was started in the year 1968.  It had a population of 4 girls and 22 boys and a start of 3 teachers.

The school was founded under the efforts of Elburgon community who saw the need for secondary education for their children.  The parents came from poor and humble background who earned their livelihood from the saw milling industry the main economic activity at the time.  Others were children from the mushroom settlement farm who had bought land around the school and forest workers who depended on peasant farming mainly potatoes and pyrethrum growing for subsistence.

The school had a rich student catchment area stretching from Elburgon, Olenguruone, Molo, Njoro, Nakuru and beyond; the school grew to become one of the performing schools in the then Nakuru District now Nakuru County competing with other schools such as Njoro Boys, Nakuru High School, Koelel, among others.

It presented its first “O” level candidates in the year 1971 and KCSE in 1989.  Currently the school is in Nakuru County, Molo District.  Previously it operated as a mixed day boarding school with a provincial wing for girls while boys were district day.  Since its inception the school had been headed by 9 head teachers.  The current head teacher Mr. Silas Wandera joined the school in 2015 after transfer from Lenana School.

In 2010, the school changed from mixed day secondary school to purely boys boarding secondary school due to few number of boys schools in the district under the approval of D.E.B  It admitted boys only in 2012.

Michanda boys secondary school is proud for our student Toma’s Ogendo for being elected as the next National council chairman.

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Our 2017 Targets


To continuously improve on CAT’s performance grades To improve the current KCSE mean grade …

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